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What is Masstraffic?

We are an innovative connection to a new generation of advertising

We are Masstraffic: the world’s first affiliate network that specializes in influencer-driven traffic. In an age dominated by social media, we recognize that whoever dominates the social media sphere dominates the market – and that’s where we come in.

We provide value by connecting businesses with our vast network of hand-picked influential partners, optimized by demographics to ensure maximum reach. No need to worry about anything else; our experienced content team takes care of creating the promotional content catered to our partners and their audience.

Seamless; Simple; Powerful

That is Masstraffic

Whether you’re an app developer, entrepreneur, service provider, or any other business that is aiming to increase their revenue, our goal is simple: we work for you to advertise your product in an innovative and extremely effective way. We do this by creating targeted marketing content for each of our customers, which is then spread to our influencers and their millions of followers.

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The Problem

The social media boom within the last decade has completely changed the way customers consume content, and by extension has completely changed the way businesses must advertise. The problem lies within the fact that targeting customers online can become very expensive if you don’t have the right tools. Native ads like Facebook and Instagram can be effective, but require intense optimization with lots of budget spent in the “testing” phase. You need a platform that gives you all of the upside. The age of paying premium prices for clicks that don’t convert is over. Cost-per-action marketing is a must for businesses who are looking for a hyper-scalable solution to customer acquisition.

The Solution

Masstraffic is here to change the game!

  • All of our affiliates are high-quality influencers driving traffic from their own social media accounts.
  • If your offer isn’t converting you don’t lose anything. Actually, you gain free exposure in front of millions of followers.
  • You dictate the action you’re willing to pay for.
  • Our industry-leading tracking allows us to trigger a payment at any part of your customer’s experience. No action is too complex for us to track.

Benefits & features

We focus on creating real results, not dead clicks.

Offers we make ourselves + exclusive deals with 3rd party advertisers

Exclusive Offers

Over 1 billion followers across instagram & Snapchat

Utilize personal connection

Advantage of social influencer traffic

Committed account

App installs, ecommerce sales, sign ups, any imaginable

High quality leads / fraud protection

Our Process

  • Step 1

    You contact Us

  • Step 2


  • Step 3

    Influencer network

  • Explain product and message what you want to bring if customers will use your product.

  • 1. Determines best influencers
    2. Creates targeted ad content
    3. Negotiates competitive vates

  • Once you have agreed to the campaign plan your offer will go live.

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